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Dada is Secretary of Shri. Sai Shikhshan Santha (SSSS). This is a charitable organization that promotes quality education in Vidarbha region.

Shri. Sai Shikshan Sanstha is working endlessly for the upliftment of farmers, children, youth and women in the rural and remote areas by way of natural conservation. The organization has undertaken various activities to help people from economic backward classes. SSSS has established self employment center in heart of Nagpur city.

Self Employment Center for SC/ST/OBC
Women are important section of the society. Fifty percent of the total population is women. It is essential to create self reliance among women as i.e. need of the hour. Keeping this view in mind SSSS has started various activities such as Crafts Center, Beauty Treatment Training Center, Mehandi Prashikshan, Screen Arts & Basic Knowledge of Computer. This self employment center has trained more than 5,000 women till date.


Youth Welfare Program
The organization has organized coaching camps in personality development, communication skills, English language, information technology (IT) and training programs to set up cottage industries.

Survey No. 13/2, Mahurzari,
Katol Road, Nagpur.

 Information Technology Institute
The organization has started Shri.Anil Deshmukh Computer Institute in Katol Tehsil to deliver free guidance in information technology. In the modern age it is essential to have computer knowledge. Basic computer courses are delivered free of cost to the Tehsil people.

Seminars for prevention of Drug & Alcohol
The organization has organized seminars for prevention of drug and alcohol. Experts in drug and alcohol prevention are invited at regular intervals to address school children and youth. The ill effects of drug and alcohol are explained. The participants take oath that they won’t get attracted to drug and alcohol at any stage of life.


Seminars on Watershed Development
The need of the hour is to save water. It is essential to increase the productivity of agriculture and at the same time conserve water.


The seminars on watershed development are organized by our institution for rural youth and farmers to motivate them towards water conservation.  The importance of saving water is explained to them. Various methods and techniques to conserve water are delivered.


By organizing these seminars we have succeeded in convincing the importance of watershed development. More than 3000 farmers and youth took part in the seminars.


School Uniform and Study Material Distributed
Our organization identified 100 schools in the region. School uniforms, text books, note books and other study material are distributed every year to students who belong to economically backward class.


HIV/AIDS awareness programs
Group meetings and health education programs are held at regular intervals. The aim is to educate people about safe sex. The damage caused by AIDs is explained to people. Pamphlets and other educational material relating to prevention of HIV/AIDS are distributed. Small skits and road plays are organized for HIV/AIDS prevention.


Welfare program for Blind and Handicaps
Braille teaching camps are held regularly for the Blind. In addition health camps are organized to educate them about hygiene and cleanliness. Sports and cultural activities are specially organized for the blind and handicap so that they do not feel isolated. Walking sticks, goggles and Braille material are distributed to Blind. Similarly automobiles/bikes are distributed to Handicaps for easy mobility.


Family Counseling Center
The organization has started Family Counseling Center at Katol Tehsil. The Center works on resolving family disputes. The aim is to bring in peace and harmony in the family lives of the Katol Tehsil.


Organisation has started Creches at Katol, Mowad and Parasinga. This has been helpful for villagers as they can leave their children in safe hands and work in farms or take up other jobs. They had great relief since the crèches have started.


The Shri.Sai Shikshan Sanstha has established following institutions in Mahurzari on Katol Road



Today NIT is a brand name in Central Indian for delivering Quality Education that meets International Standards.

NIT campus is located virtually in the heart of the country at Nagpur with excellent rail, road & air connectivity, the city boasts of one of the finest urban infrastructures in the entire country.


NIT campus is spread over sprawling 26 acres of lush greenery, providing the right environment for pursuit of academic excellence. The majestic buildings of Engineering, Management and Polytechnic are designed with a keen eye for detail, offering the finest learning environment, which includes large, spacious, economically designed classrooms, library with latest books & journals, a seminar hall, state-of-the-art IT centre, an aesthetically designed cafeteria, sports field, workshop, staff rooms, etc.

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