At Koshish Foundation, each one feels lucky! Incredibly lucky! We understand that it is just a matter of chance that we are where we are today. We didn’t choose the family that we were born into, or choose the fact that our parents could afford to give us necessary amenities. Every time we make a choice, we feel lucky! However, we cannot help but think …what if? What if these choices weren’t available to us?

It is this thought that makes us work towards, that one day when every person in this world will not be deprived of anything which he / she should be getting. The family or the demographics that a child is born into should not determine his or her destiny. That is what we are working towards – A day when every individual gets an opportunity to become and attain what he / she is capable of. A day when we can empower every human being with choice because that is what every person deserves. That is what India deserves!


VISION : A prosperous, healthy and creative society where the rights of common man are protected and honoured and to built respect for dignity, justice and equity for all.

MISSION : “An attempt to create awareness among people to take responsibility of the deprived Indians and so motivate them to seek resolution through individual and collective action thereby enabling them to realize their full potential for action and change in the country”


Koshish Foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to the basic humanitarian principles enshrined in the Constitution namely freedom, equality, social justice, secularism, sustainable development and human rights. The right to communicate freely is a basic human right and a necessity for sustainable development. Access to information is essential to informed decision-making at all levels. Koshish Foundation is committed to the dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of under-represented and marginalized sectors of society.  For bridging the gap and improving information availability, Koshish Foundation is committed to develop and establish an ideal medium for the participation and exchange of a trusted and accurate source of quality information. The organization has undertaken various activities to help people from economic backward classes.



The biggest movements, that shaped history, ranging from civil rights to equality to suffrage, have rose out of tireless youth leaders fighting for what they believed in. Koshish Foundation provides a space for young people to step in, lead and make a difference in their own communities. By providing on-ground exposure, actively initiating dialogue and establishing a culture of entrepreneurship, Koshish Foundation transforms youth into a potent social force to strategically impact individuals at risk in their respective communities.

Infinite volunteers work with us to implement the interventions at the grassroots. These volunteers are mobilized and monitored by the Koshish Foundation team This not only ensures more effective implementation of our programs, but also helps build capacities at the grassroots for providing quality results to the society.

Salil Deshmukh is the President of Koshish Foundation. The Foundation is motivated by Saints like Dnyaneshwar, Namdeo and Tukaram and Social Reformers like Lokmanya Tilak, Agarkar, Maharshi Karve, Mahatma Phule and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The Foundation began with a simple idea of helping the needy people of Vidarbha but now it has grown with leaps and bounds.

Following are some of the initiatives taken by Koshish Foundation to help the farmers, downtrodden, poor and needy people of the society:


  • ·         Self Employment Center 

Women are an important section of our society. 50 % of the total population is women. It is essential to create self reliance among women as it is need of the hour. Keeping this view in mind, Koshish Foundation has started various activities such as Crafts Center, Beauty Treatment Training Center, Mehandi Prashikshan, Screen Arts & Basic Knowledge of Computers. This self employment center has trained more than 5,000 women till date.




  • ·         Prevention of Drugs & Alcohol

The organization has organized seminars for prevention of drug and alcohol. Experts in drug and alcohol prevention are invited at regular intervals to address school children and youth. The ill effects of drug and alcohol are explained. The outcome is that the participants take oath that they will not get attracted towards drug and alcohol at any stage of life.


  • ·         Watershed Development

The need of the hour is to save water. It is essential to increase the productivity of agriculture and at the same time conserve water. The programmes on watershed development are organized by Koshish Foundation for urban and rural youth and farmers to motivate them towards water conservation.  The importance of saving water is explained to them. Various methods and techniques to conserve water are delivered. By organizing such awareness programmes, the organization has been successful in convincing the importance of watershed development.


  • ·         School Uniform and Study Material Distribution

Our organization has identified some schools in the region of Nagpur, Katol and Narkhed. School uniforms, text books, note books and other study material is distributed every year to students who belong to economically backward class.



  • ·         HIV/AIDS Awareness programs

Group meetings and health education programs are held at regular intervals. The aim is to educate people about safe sex. The damage caused by AIDS is explained to people. Pamphlets and other educational material relating to prevention of HIV/AIDS are distributed. Small skits and road plays are organized for HIV/AIDS prevention.


  • ·         Welfare programs for Physically Challenged people

Braille teaching camps are held regularly for the Blind. In addition, health camps are organized to educate them about hygiene and cleanliness. Sports and cultural activities are specially organized for the blind and physically challenged so that they do not feel isolated. Walking sticks, goggles and Braille material is distributed to blind people.


  • Family Counseling Centers

The organization has started Family Counseling Centers in Katol and Narkhed region. The Center works on resolving family disputes. The aim is to bring in peace and harmony in their family lives.


  • Crèches

Koshish Foundation has started Creches at Katol, Mowad and Paradsinga. This has been helpful for villagers as they can leave their children in safe hands and work in farms or take up other jobs.


Koshish Foundation regularly conducts the following activities:

  • Organizing free eye testing camps and distribution of spectacles.
  • Donation of Sewing machines to women for self reliance.
  • Holding Blood donation camps at regular intervals.
  • Provision of Free medical treatment aid as and when required.
  • Holding Sports tournaments (including Yoga camps) to promote physical activity among youth.
  • Motivational Guest Lectures by renowned personalities.


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